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Teen drinking, teen alcoholism, and teen substance use disorders can end young lives before they even begin. If your teen is currently dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction problem, no matter how much you love them, it may not begetting through. Drug addiction changes how the brain functions and interferes with your teen’s ability to make rational decisions.

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The Dangers of Delaying Addiction Treatment

When your teen is having a hard time overcoming addictions, all members of the family are affected. It’s heartbreaking to see your loved one go down a self-destructive path, and it’s easy to feel hopeless about the prospects of them getting back to normal. However, allowing drug or alcohol addiction to continue can have lasting consequences for a young person. 

Dabbling in drugs is not just harmless experimentation for a teenager. There are prescription drugs and designer drug “cocktails” that have the potential to kill with just one dose. In the case of illegal drugs, there is really no way for your teen to know what they are actually taking. 

If you are concerned about your teen’s substance abuse, it is time to consider outpatient substance abuse treatment, alcohol detox, or residential drug rehab in California. Any signs or even a strong feeling of intuition that an addiction is developing is a good reason to talk to a professional.

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By the time teens graduate:

● 73% have used alcohol
● 48% have used drugs
● 23% will develop an alcohol or drug dependence by the time they reach the age of 20

Does Your Teen Need a Residential Treatment Program in California?

Based on these statistics, there is an alarmingly high number of children who won’t come back from their “experimentation” with drugs and alcohol. Instead, they’ll go on to use or drink more heavily once they reach adulthood.  

If your child is out of control, using drugs and/or alcohol and exhibiting destructive and concerning behavior, or if they have been in trouble with the police, it can be difficult to separate your fear from your anger, and you shouldn’t have to go through this alone. This is some text inside of a div block.

Teensavers Is Here for You and Your Teen

Teensavers is a community of parents and professional caregivers with more than three decades of experience treating addictions as well as emotional and behavioral issues in young people. We are committed to saving young lives and helping you and your teen return to a loving and supportive relationship. If you are ready to get your child back, inpatient drug rehab in one of our Orange County treatment centers and outpatient recovery support may be the key to their future.

Each teen entering our rehab program receives a comprehensive treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their needs, helping them rediscover the joy and promise of the future, and giving them the support they need to reignite their enthusiasm for life. Teensaver’s professional treatment facilities offer:

●     Outpatient programs
●     Inpatient treatment
●     Residential detox
●     Partial hospitalization

We Help Your Teen Overcome More Than Addiction

Many young people suffer from other mental health challenges that coincide with or complicate their drug or alcohol addiction. Your teen’s treatment plan may include other services to help them deal with obstacles like:

●     Mental illness
●     Dual diagnosis
●     Trauma
●     Depression
●     Anxiety
●     Eating disorders

Treatment Options Tailored for Your Teen

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a comprehensive approach for teen addiction treatment that addresses the emotional and behavioral issues that are unique to each young person. Teensavers uses a five-phase evidence-based process to help your teen reach a lasting and long term recovery.

●     Assessment, Intervention, and Intake. We will determine how severe your child’s addiction is, as well as identify risk factors and possible co-occuring conditions. We can organize anon-threatening intervention with a team of experts to help your teen decide to participate fully in treatment. 96% of teens choose to enter our program voluntarily after this effective intervention.
●     Residential Detox and Stabilization. Many serious addictions will require Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). During this phase, your teen may receive beneficial medications that will help shorten detox, lessen withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings. Detox usually takes 3-5 days, but it might take longer for certain substances. 
●     Residential or Day Treatment Program. This phase focuses on individual and group therapy to help the young person make meaningful changes in how they solve problems and react to stressful situations. Using peer community support, regular exercise, and educational activities, your teen will have the resources and guidance to overcome these challenges. This phase of treatment lasts 30-90days, on average. 
●     Continuing Outpatient Care. Following more intensive treatment and good progress, your teen will move to outpatient care and support for another 30-90 days to help establish good habits and deal with real-life challenges as they come up. Individual, group, and family counseling sessions will continue 1-5 days per week as needed. Peer support groups help your child learn from other recovering teens and help others with their own success stories. 
●     Self-Mastery Leadership Program
. Your young person may also attend our nationally recognized leadership program, which helps minimize the risk of relapse, improves confidence, and builds leadership skills that can truly change the lives of young people and point them toward a brighter future.
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Choosing the Best Residential Drug Rehab in California

If you are interested in finding out more about how Teensavers can help your teenager overcome alcoholism, drug addiction, or other mental health issues, contact us today to speak to one of our addiction experts. Teensavers has one of the most comprehensive and successful addiction treatment centers in the Los Angeles area or nationwide, and we are waiting to help you save your teen from the dangers of drug abuse.

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