Teen Residential Drug Rehab
in California

Over the past 40 years, Teensavers has developed a range of treatment programs to help teens transform their lives. Our focus is on supporting the development of healthy young people as they rise above behavioral, emotional, or substance abuse issues.  Rehab for teens is different from programs designed for adults. 

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We have several treatment options for teenagers dealing with past trauma, behavioral issues, mental health challenges, or substance abuse. While it can be tempting to choose the first “teen rehab center near me” that you find, not every approach is right for every teen. Teensavers offers these options to support healing in every situation.

Teensavers Rehab for Teens

Our teen drug rehab programs start with an assessment to determine what causes and challenges currently exist. Using this information, we create an individualized treatment plan that will help this young person work through detox, treatment, counseling, and life skills.

Family therapy and guidance is helpful for most teens, as the family unit and home environment may contain stress, dysfunction, or triggers that are fueling the addiction itself. As a parent, guardian, or close family member, you will be encouraged to participate in the recovery process and receive weekly updates on your teen’s progress.

Teensavers support and empowerment does not stop when detox or inpatient treatment is over. Relapse prevention plans and follow-up assessments will help you or a young person you care about to examine, evaluate, and change their internal values and beliefs that drive daily behavior.

Each teen entering our program receives an addiction treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their needs, helping them rediscover the joy and promise of the future and giving them the support they need to reignite their enthusiasm for life. If you have been searching “rehab for teens near me,” Teensavers has the right program for you.

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