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Partial Hospitalization

In the United States alone, approximately 22% (1 in 5) of teenagers and adolescents were found to have a mental health disorder according to research in 2010.

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What is Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP It’s typically for teens whose mental health or substance use issues do not require hospitalization or residential care, yet, their symptomology is severe enough to warrant 8-hours per day of supervision and clinical services. Teensavers also ensures that teens continue their on-site academic studies (during schoolyear), to maintain their standing and grades.

At Teensavers, PHP is a substantial intervention. The goal is marked emotional and behavioral improvement in as short a time as possible. PHP is uniquely prescribed for each individual child. The duration of these services varies drastically from child to child.  PHP is typically 1-3 months in duration, generally consisting of five (5) treatment episodes per week, lasting eight (8) hours per episode.

PHP is an effective after-care therapy for teens discharging from a hospital or residential treatment facility. PHP may also serve as a stand-alone process for teens and parents who recognize the need for more than an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Teens in PHP are expected to manage themselves fairly well, and are able to follow a schedule, while maintaining reasonable stability regarding their emotional, psychological, and behavioral well-being, outside of each treatment episode.

PHP Requirements

  1. The teen must be between ages 12-17, have a mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis from a psychiatrist, physician, or nurse practitioner, to determine if PHP level of care is clinically necessary
  2. The teen must agree to attend ALL sessions 5 days per week, and comply with all rules, treatment plans, parental directions, as well as maintain an acceptable level of school attendance/participation per law, and per parental direction.
  3. The teen must adhere to all prescribed medication, as per their health care professionals’ directions.
  4. The teen must remain abstinent from any and all non-prescribed, legal or illicit drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, and to voluntarily submit to random drug and alcohol testing.
  5. Most insurance companies require that a teen’s condition meet their criteria of what they deem as “medically necessary” in order to approve an initial number of authorized visits.
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Group Therapy

The focal point of our PHP treatment will take place in a group setting led by a counselor/therapist. The purpose is to help teens with coping skills. Be it severe depression, anxiety, or a teen struggling with addiction, it’s imperative that they are able to identify triggers to their presenting symptoms. This way they can begin to develop healthy habits to cope with their root problem/condition.

Group Therapy is designed to reflect on others’ experiences, as well as to be heard and acknowledged by credible peers and professionals. There are tremendous benefits to therapeutic treatment in a group setting.

Medication Management

Some teens suffering with Co-Occurring Disorders (mental health condition in addition to a substance abuse problem) may also benefit from additional visits with a psychiatrist to determine the effectiveness of their medications. If this is deemed necessary, Teensavers will gladly work with a teenager’s already established physicians or work to provide referrals for these services. The initial evaluation (Intake Assessment) is conducted by a Teensavers Therapist.

Psychological Testing

Although most treatment in our PHP occur in a group setting conducted by counselors and therapists, some teens may benefit from educational or psychological testing administered by our Clinical Psychologist. Call us for appointment and fees.

Continuity of Care

The treatment team will continuously assess whether PHP is still the ideal level of care. Depending on one’s need, our psychiatrist and/or nurse practitioner may need to see a teen more often than others. The goal is to intervene on a problem before it escalates, and requires a higher level of care.

Mental Health

The mental health component of our PHP usually applies to a teen with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD or any other diagnosed, mental-health condition. The goal is to admit the teen, to emotionally and behaviorally stabilize the teen, and to equip the parents with therapeutic information and techniques to support their teen while in treatment and after discharge.

Substance Abuse

Abstinence from any and all mood-or mind-altering substances that are not prescribed by a licensed physician is mandatory. Parents may approve and supply over-the-counter supplements.

Our PHP component is appropriate for teens, discharging from an inpatient or residential drug rehab facility. The program operates similar to IOP; utilizing group therapy and psychiatric visits to intervene upon and stabilize the teen’s life. The Substance Abuse component focuses on the recovery aspect. Certified and Licensed, Substance Abuse Counselors are involved in treating this condition, as well as, “Young Person’s 12-step meeting” attendance and drug and alcohol testing are typically encouraged for these teens, in addition to mental-health and behavioral stabilization.

Teensavers PHP Schedule

Teensavers PHP schedule

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