Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you perform assessments to identify my child's problems and their severity?
Do you perform interventions if my child is resistant to the idea of being treated?
If my teen is severely addicted, do you have in-residence detox facilities that are under medical supervision?
Who performs the Assessments at your facility?
Does the treatment program meet or exceed the standards set by NIDA?
What is your success rate in resolving teenage substance abuse, emotional and behavioral issues?
What type of continuing-care programs do you offer? How long do they last?
What is the staff-to-child ratio?
What expenses are involved in the treatment of my child?
Besides substance abuse, do you treat co-occurring emotional and behavioral issues?
Do you develop a personalized treatment plan for each child?
What medications do you use to reduce withdrawal and physical discomfort?
Do you provide transportation services if my child is resistant to treatment?
How many psychological treatment alternatives do you utilize?
Are you accredited?
What is the maximum number of teens housed in your facility at one time?
Will I participate in the treatment of my child through group sessions?
Are treatment expenses covered by insurance?