Teensavers offers residential and outpatient programs for adolescents with substance abuse, emotional and behavioral issues. For over 30 years, we have provided a safe, extended home environment that focuses on the right treatment alternatives for teens and their families.In-Resident-TreatmentOur unique, five-phased approach guides teens through a comprehensive diagnosis that determines the degree of substance abuse, as well as the underlying emotional and behavioral issues causing the abuse. Once diagnosed, each teen is provided an individualized treatment plan that addresses his or her specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Multiple therapy alternatives to address the unique needs of each teen
  • Average success rate of 80 to 90 percent
  • CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Accredited and ranked in the top 1% of all facilities in the United States

Our exclusive Lifespark Process™ that helps teens recapture their dreams and identify life goals.


In Residence Therapy

Our in-residence program provides teens with a safe home environment and 24/7 care administered by licensed professionals who are on call around the clock.

Continuing Care Therapy

Continuing care therapy is the key to minimizing relapse and building a self-sufficient teen. Teensavers offers several options for this phase of treatment.

Lifespark Process™

Our exclusive program identifies the teens’ lost passion and forgotten goals. We then help them to reignite their Lifespark or enthusiasm for life.

Intervention and Transportation

Teensavers provides intervention and transportation to help you confront your child and ensure a safe journey to our facilities.

Thirty Years of Experience

  • A personalized behavior roadmap for every child
  • A staff-to-child ratio that results in a high degree of personalized attention for every child
  • Individual and group therapy sessions to provide needed insight and support
  • A follow-up assessment to determine what type of continuing care is needed
  • Several continuing care options that help minimize the chance of relapse

Teensavers has had great success over the past three decades in transforming the lives of teens with substance abuse, emotional and behavioral issues.  Our mission is to develop healthy, positive, emotionally stable and self-sufficient teens who are able to reintegrate into the family unit and fulfill their true potential in society.

Our residential and outpatient programs combine a proven, five-phased approach with personalized treatment plans, and deliver the most comprehensive, effective therapy available.


Our In-Residence Program provides teens with a safe home environment and 24/7 care administered by licensed and certified counseling professionals, as well as psychiatrists and psychologists who are on call around the clock. Regardless of the severity of the problem, our experienced staff knows how to work with teenagers and their families to achieve the best results.

Every child is unique, so his or her treatment plan should be also.

At Teensavers, we begin by assessing the problem and determining the underlying causes. Then we create a personalized road map that guides the child through treatment and down the path to self-sufficiency. We also work with those close to the teen to establish what issues within the family unit must be addressed to facilitate successful treatment.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to take an active role in the recovery process and are updated on their child’s progress on a weekly basis. Even after the teen has completed in-residence treatment, we provide continuing care to help minimize the chance of relapse. We perform a follow-up assessment to identify any lingering issues and then determine which method of continuing care should be used, whether it be one-on-one counseling, family or group therapy.

Throughout treatment and into the continuing care stage, our exclusive Lifespark Process™ helps teens recapture the dreams they once had so that when they leave our program, they have a clear understanding of their life’s passion.